The Catalyst:Android N (Preview)


Well, Marshmallow update is around the corner and though it is not available for all android devices yet, Google has already preparing for Its next Android version. So called N update. Google has already shocked the world by releasing Beta version of Android N for Nexus Devices. Google has always named its Updates on sweet treats like Cupcake, Donut and Éclair etc. Next update might be called Nutella(Rumor). Google is growing so fast and Android N is proof of it.

Though N will be available for Nexus devices it is untested Alpha and Beta Android version. So we don’t recommend you to install it on your daily used device (This may damage your device).  To get your hands on N you have to go to website and have to download files or you can wait until Google releases N on air (Recommended).


What’s new in Android N?

  • Multitasking: Now you can perform more than one task at a time. Means you can work on two different tasks at a same time on a same screen. You can use it on both Landscape and Portrait Mode. You’ll enjoy it.
  • Notification Center: Notification center is changed. Notifications look different and hold more information now. You have to tap and drag down notification to see more information about it. Now you can reply directly to messages from notification center. Quick settings is changed also with lot more customization options. Its cool. Tap and press on the quick setting icon and it will open complete setting page for you.
  • Settings: Main settings section is changed. Every icon shows more information than it to before(Better use of bigger screen). New data saver feature which allows to restrict certain apps from using too much internet data. Settings has new side menu. You have to swipe to right to open it. Side menu holds many submenus you can access easily.
  • Profiles: Now different volumes can be set for various profiles. Priority settings are improved also.

Many things have changed and all are good. Much needed changes has been made by Google.

Note: Only the Nexus line of devices can receive the preview build of Android N. Below you can see what the Nexus models support the OS:

How to download Android N

If you are a developer or just want to test the preview version of Android N, you can download images of the new OS directly from Google. Remember that this version is unstable and contains many bugs. The update can be downloaded via this link.





1. Settings menu



2. Notification centre



3. Multitasking

What would you like to see in Android N? What do you think the Android N name will be? Let us know in the comments.


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